Frequently Asked Questions

NFTs and Crypto

What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non fungible tokens) is a unique digital asset that can verify authenticity and ownership. It is one of a kind.

Do NFT transactions need to take place using cryptocurrency?

NFT transactions can take place in fiat (Euro, GBP, AUD, etc) through card transactions. 

What is a Gas fee?

A gas fee is the fee an individual pays for completing a transaction on the blockchain.

Does ComeTogether charge Gas fees?

No gas fees for issuing (lazy minting), redeeming and exchanging NFTs within the app’s marketplace. Gas fees applicable only when withdrawing an NFT to self custody on a public blockchain.

What is NFT utility?

At the simplest level, holding an NFT with utility allows you to do something you wouldn’t be able to do without being a holder of that NFT.


What is NFT ticketing?

A ticket that is delivered in the form of an NFT. 

How does your ticketing solution protect from ticket fraud?

Through our innovative ticket delivery via a dynamic QR code that changes every 30 seconds, tickets are always original and valid for event entry. It’s important to note that this cannot be replicated through a screenshot of the QR due to the fact that the QR is constantly updated.

Can tickets be resold in the secondary market?

Yes!  ComeTogether provides the resale and secondary marketplace functionality. But only if the issuer of the tickets (event organizer, performer, etc.) allows it. The issuer can determine whether or not tickets to their events are allowed to be resold. If this is allowed, they can also set parameters about the level of pricing that is allowed in order to ensure that overly inflated prices are not introduced to the marketplace.

Can ticket organizers/performers earn a percentage of the value of resold tickets?

A new source of secondary market revenue is available to the issuer of the tickets as a commission percentage on any resales.

Are your tickets collectible NFTs after the event?

Attendees can choose to keep their NFT ticket collectible forever as a memory of the event they attended and even sell them later. The tickets can have content (digital art, gif, video etc) to enrich the collectible experience. 

Are there other types of NFT content collectibles that can be offered in conjunction with your tickets?

Any kind of NFT content collectibles can be offered as a collectible package with the ticket (included in the ticket price, or for an extra cost to upgrade to different levels of tickets). Examples:

  • Event memories: In the form of official highlights provided from the organizer and/or fan generated content.  
  • Performer/athlete commentary.
  • Digital trading cards of performers/athletes.
  • Music 
  • Artwork.

What types of utility does ComeTogether enable?

The short answer is that ComeTogether can enable any type of utility that is desired that access to can be controlled through our ticketing system. Utility is also an opportunity to bring together the physical and digital world. Some ideas to help you get started could include: 

  • Access to VIP areas/experiences
  • Food and drinks at events
  • Event merchandise
  • Discount coupons
  • Online and metaverse experiences


How does your solution help me to improve customer experience?

Tickets are always valid. Resale is controlled. No fake tickets = happy fans!  NFT Collectibles live on after the event and might be resold through NFT marketplaces which keep your brand in the public eye and provide something special for the attendees to ‘own’. 


How does your solution help me promote my business?

The use of Blockchain allows for ticket ownership to always be identified, even if the ticket changes hands. This will provide audience insights for event organizers and performers to identify trends for future marketing of upcoming events.

Do you have a ticket marketplace?

Attendees are able to purchase tickets for any event we are supporting in our Ticket Marketplace . This is currently available in English and Greek.

Do you provide a white label solution?

All of our products are available as a white label solution and with a cloud-based API to interface with your existing systems.

How are your solutions priced?

There is a combination pricing methodology based on volume, geography and sales commission. Contact our sales team for a personalized offer.


Can I allow ticket buyers to purchase tickets with both Crypto and Fiat currencies?

Yes! Today we support Fiat purchases (EUR, GBP, AUD), although cryptocurrency purchases will be supported in the near future.


Do my clients need a crypto wallet to purchase from ComeTogether?

No. ComeTogether brings together the best of Web2/Web3 buying experiences in order to meet ticket buyers expectations of the process. We offer the familiar Web 2 experience where an email or social login is all that is required to address mainstream users. Web 3 functionality is revealed to the users only when necessary/desired by the user i.e. withdraw an NFT to their crypto wallet (eg Metamask), in order to take advantage of the interoperability with other NFT marketplaces, metaverses or social media (eg. Discord, X, Instagram).

When do I get paid for purchases of tickets to my events?

Within eight days after the event in a worst case scenario, but usually sooner, even prior to the day of the event in some cases.

Can owners of NFT tickets from my events withdraw them from the ComeTogether marketplace (or web app?) for resale in other NFT marketplaces after the event?

This feature is coming soon and will be allowed for NFT marketplaces supported by a public blockchain technology.

About ComeTogether

What does ComeTogether do?

ComeTogether re-imagines ticketing for maximum revenue and fan engagement. In addition, our solution enables event organizers to supercharge with NFT collectibles and utilities.


When was the company founded?

The company was founded in 2018 and began offering ticketing solutions to live music events in 2019.

Where is ComeTogether headquartered?

Thessaloniki, Greece

What markets do you serve?

To date we have been focused on live music, performing arts and sporting events, but we could support any live event which requires a ticket. This could be festivals, concerts, performing arts, sports matches, entrance to museums, entrance to conferences and more.

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