NFT Collectibles

NFT Content can play a few different roles in your overall event strategy. This can be an enhancement to your ticketing to enable different levels of ticket pricing and attendee experiences. After the event, NFT Content becomes a collectible. This can include the NFT ticket itself, artwork, video and music along with many other types of collectibles listed below and proof of attendance for joining an event. The main takeaway for NFT Content is that it allows your event to live on long after the event ends in the eyes of your event attendees.

Although linking NFT content to an event is a great way to enhance and upsell your event experience, NFT content doesn’t always need to be linked to events. Music NFTs are a great example of content that stands alone from events. Sports is another area where content related to specific teams and players can stand alone from events.

Ticketing Industry Challenges

19% Collectibles


Global NFT market by application


$6 Billion

Projected to reach by 2028

Global Music NFTs market

Influencer Marketing Hub

$500 Million

October 2020 - March 2021

Topshots Total Revenue

USA Today Sports


Content collectibles can take many forms – video, digital (3D) art, digital twin experiences, photography, music, and commentary. These are just a few examples of content that can be delivered in the form of an NFT collectible. The importance of NFTs is that they will provide proof of authenticity and ownership and can also drive increased value over time of a limited content asset.

Ticket Enhancements
– Event Collectibles

Tickets alone, as plain QR codes, are boring, but they don’t have to be! NFT tickets can be supercharged to provide post-event collectibles that take the form of many different types of content. Everyone remembers saving cherished ticket stubs from their favourite events. Basic digital tickets can leave fans feeling like they’ve lost something. But not if you bring your tickets to life with different types of content associated with the event they attended. The result is much more than a ticket stub to save in a box to maybe never look at again in the future. Collectibles could be provided as a standard part of attending an event or sold at a higher price point to attendees who desire this content to retain for the future as an NFT collectible/event memory.

Video Highlights

Video NFTs can take the form of highlights from a festival or music event or clips from sports events. This can really translate to any type of video content from any event. Video is a great example of content that lives on after an event and holds value for resale in the future, creating a potential revenue stream for the event organizer or owner of the NFT. This concept has proven wildly successful with NBA highlights, one of the highest (and fastest) earning NFT collectibles.

Music NFTs

Music NFTs deserve to be addressed separately as this type of content can be promoted at a higher tier than other content collectibles. Music NFTs allow artists to share exclusive music tracks with their fans and build a community to promote upcoming performances and music releases. They can sell music tracks as NFTs prior to releasing them on streaming platforms enabling an additional revenue stream. This also opens the door to an additional revenue stream through the sale of music NFTs in addition to other avenues to market. They can be shared in association with an event or as a stand-alone offer.

Proof of Attendance

At the simplest level this is an NFT that proves you attended an event. Maybe this is just a keepsake for your personal collection or alternatively something you want to share on social media platforms to let your network know that you attended a special event. POA can also come in handy in the future for professional event attendance that you need to ‘prove’ that you attended. For example, specific conferences or training.

Additional NFT Content

Digital (3D) Art

Dynamic Content

Score of a game,
the setlist of a concert


Performer interview

Fan Generated Content

IG Stories
from the event

ComeTogether Digital Twin NFT

Digital Twin



Increase Revenue for Event Organizers / NFT creators

Monetize fan base

Monetize fan base

Further monetize their fan base, by upselling NFT collectibles for an extra charge.

Increase sponsorship revenue

Increase sponsorship revenue

Increase their sponsorship revenues, by adding sponsors to the NFT collectibles.



Royalties from every NFT resale. For event organizers – continued monetization even after the event is over.

Social media sharing

Social media sharing

Social media digital collectible sharing by fans increases organic marketing and boosts their brand.

Super fans

Super fans