The Sphynx Society on UniqTogether

May 23, 2022 cometogether

Michalis Karagounis presents his new song entitled “Ksero Ti Thelei”. In collaboration with Chris Karr and Jo Lids for the music production, they are preparing for a strong comeback with this new release through Solid Grace Music

“Kserw Ti Thelei” comes to life with the sensual and kinky tones created with the innovative style of the directing team of Bodega Visuals. In addition, Solid Grace Music is collaborating with Sugarfree to promote this campaign on TikTok and Instagram with the colors of this summer. Specifically, they created a community of influencers that became part of the song as well as the new Sugarfree collection in a way that can only be described as organic! 

The campaign doesn’t stop here. In collaboration with artist Danny Hades, a collection of 6 unique 3D NFTs was created under the name “The Sphynx Society”. “The NFTs are available via the UniqTogether Marketplace. UniqTogether offers NFT solutions for the music industry that include fanclub NFTs, NFT collectibles and NFT ticketing solutions.” Apart from unique designs of the Sphynx cat, the utility also includes a percentage of the song’s revenue back to their owners. Notably, one of the NFT’s is owned by Chris Kogias, a Greek influencer that represented Greece as one of the top influencers of Greece in the Eurovision of 2022. 

This is only the beginning, as Solid Grace aims to define new methods of interaction and promotion of music through the use of innovative contracts and technologies. Finally, “Ksero Ti Thelei” by Michalis Karagounis, Chris Karr, Jo Lids, has been released in all digital music stores on Monday, May 16th.