ComeTogether signs strategic partnership with SportiveWays for business growth

May 24, 2022 cometogether

ComeTogether today announced its latest strategic partnership with SportiveWays aimed at  bringing blockchain technology for ticketing, NFT collectibles and NFT fan club memberships to sports entities.

ComeTogether will work with SportiveWays to promote the concept of NFTs in the world of sports. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) enable sports teams to develop new revenue streams, increase fan engagement and create an ongoing royalty revenue stream. NFT ticketing can also be included in the solution to combine the topics of attendee management, fan engagement and secondary market control in a move that will solve several of the average fan’s pain points when attending sports events.

What is an NFT? An NFT provides digital ownership of assets. Created through blockchain, they are similar to a cryptocurrency. For collectors, an NFT is a digital representation of collectibles that entails uniqueness or digital scarcity.

SportiveWays has always taken a keen interest in suggesting modern solutions/services to the vast network of sports properties they work with and helping them to launch them when the time is right.

“Fan club NFTs are the next step in closer engagement to fans for all live events, rewarding their loyalty to favorite sports clubs and players,” said Lazaros Penteridis, CEO, ComeTogether.

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