ComeTogether NFTs for ticketing, collectibles and utilities


ComeTogether was launched in 2019 by a team of live event enthusiasts that had frustrating experiences with ticket scalping, and we take this $15Bn problem personally. 

By re-imagining live event ticketing utilizing a core groundbreaking technology – blockchain, at the same time optimizing and innovating at multiple levels, a different take on ticketing emerged. The team has been involved with blockchain technology for more than 7 years. 

The result is a next-generation ticketing solution, offering everything traditional ticketing systems do, but with increased security, ease of use and fan engagement. All while unlocking new sources of revenue for event organizers. To date, ComeTogether has supported more than 1,000 live events in Greece, Spain, the UK and Australia, along with PoCs in the UAE, as well as provided Music NFTs and fan club memberships for multi-diamond artists.

Ticketing is where it all begins with any live event. The first impression of the event to come, the excitement of making the purchase and knowing you’re going to see something amazing. This experience shouldn’t result in loss of money and disappointment.

Let’s ComeTogether.


Over 300,000

tickets sold

Over 5,000

safe ticket resales

Over 1,000

events so far


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Picture of ANASTASIOS DIOLATZIS Music Director of NON & Reworks Festival

Music Director of NON
and the Reworks Festival

ComeTogether had the answer with its white-label solution designed specifically for festivals. We were able to implement the ability to sell NFT tickets directly from our site as simply as embedding a code. This is the answer for festivals to regain control of ticket sales.

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Picture of Hawk Greco

Multi-Diamond Artist (IFPI)

The owners of the NFTs not only got a special experience during the initial sale – exclusive access to a new track but are also part of a select community for the future.

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Picture of KOSMÂSS Event Organizer and founder of Unleash Your Energy Events

Event Organizer & Founder of
Unleash Your Energy Events

This situation is not only bad for the fans, but also for the organizer’s reputation and future revenue opportunities. With ComeTogether we have the peace of mind that our tickets cannot be duplicated or resold without our permission. It’s a great step forward for the industry.

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Picture Of Thomas Papachristou Synthetic Events Founde

Founder of Synthetic Events
15+ Years Event Organizer

We’ve been working with ComeTogether since 2019 and they have always been very reliable in every step of the ticketing process. We were looking for extra ways to engage with our audience during and after our events. With NFT collectibles we are able to provide our tickets as collectibles combined with event content to stay top of mind with our community.

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Lazaros Penteridis, ComeTogether, Co-founder/CEO

Lazaros Penteridis

Stathis Mitskas, ComeTogether, Co-Founder/CPO (Partnerships)

Stathis Mitskas

Co-Founder/CPO (Partnerships)
Stavros Antoniadis, ComeTogether, Co-Founder/ COO/ Head of blockchain

Stavros Antoniadis

Co-Founder/ COO/ Head of blockchain
Achilleas Kotsis, ComeTogether, CTO

Achilleas Kotsis

Claudia Bacco, ComeTogether, CMO

Claudia Bacco

Orestis Tsatsis, ComeTogether, Business Development Manager

Orestis Tsatsis

Business Development Manager
Antonis Papadopoulos, ComeTogether, Brand Manager

Antonis Papadopoulos

Brand Manager
Gertruda Fon-Narcco, ComeTogether, UX designer

Gertruda Fon-Narcco

UX designer
Thanasis Ntatis, ComeTogether, Full Stack Developer

Thanasis Ntatis

Full Stack Developer
Foivos Pelopidas, ComeTogether, Full Stack Developer

Foivos Pelopidas

Full Stack Developer
Dimitris Barmparousis, ComeTogether, Full Stack Developer

Dimitris Barmparousis

Full Stack Developer

Tryfon Kaltapanidis

Software Development Intern


Nikos Chatzivasileiadis

Co-Founder/ Technical Advisor

Jose Rey

Sports industry advisor/ Angel investor

Athan & Johnny Nedev

Growth advisors

Claudia Schaller

Covid-19 advisor

Marcelo Garibotto

Music Industry Advisor
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