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A social network, powered by an EOS Blockchain protocol, enabling a collaborative economy for events.

It facilitates an all-in-one event marketplace, with crowdfunding and even crowd-investing, connecting individuals and businesses, to easily organise, host, provide services at, sponsor, invest in, or simply attend events. All financial transactions between those event stakeholders are handled by smart contracts, eliminating the need for trust between them. Moreover, its blockchain ticketing engine eliminates ticket fraud and scalping (only allows resales with the rules that the organiser has set).

All in all, ComeTogether lives up to the name social network, as it encourages people to socialise in the most immediate and intimate way, i.e. in real life.

Event service provider or vendor?

Access business opportunities, according to your terms, availability and taste, with guaranteed compensation.

Are you a venue owner, or an artist, entertainer, public speaker, catering company, photographer, audio or visual professional, barman, security company, marketing/promoter, influencer, or anything else that can provide value to events? With ComeTogether you can get exposure to exciting business opportunities, with zero possibility of fraud.

Event organizer?

Are you an event organizer or an aspiring one, but you could use a breakthrough on your limited capital and reputation, or would you simply like to get real feedback from the market prior to taking a lot of risk?

Money, your risk tolerance and not being an already well established name are not limiting you anymore. Plan your dream event, find the service providers to staff it, invest only what (and if) you can, throw it into the market early on, by crowdfunding the rest. If crowdfunding is a success you will make your event a reality, as the success of the crowdfunding is already some positive feedback that people like it, while community marketing is already embedded within that process. Should the crowdfunding fail, you are still on the winning side, as you don’t lose money, while you received some valuable feedback, for your future endeavours.

Event investor?

What if you could profit from events that you find awesome and have strong convictions that they will be a big success? Now you can easily invest in radically transparent events!

That way, you know exactly, what your and the rest of the investors' money, is being used for, therefore you can make better calls. Additionally, there is no way you can invest in underfunded and non engaging with the community events, since in those cases the crowdfunding targets will most likely not be met and everyone, including you, will just get their investment back.

Event enthusiast?

Attend the next generation of events, where you can feel the community spirit, at a bargain price!

Buy your ticket during the crowdfunding (possibly at a better price) and support event concepts that you like, to become a reality. All while getting your money back, if the crowdfunding does not succeed. Moreover, now, you and the rest of the attendees, have a say on features of the event you are participating, such as the line up!

Let's ComeTogether!

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