Complete ticketing solution + secondary market control

The live events industry currently has a big problem. This market is being cannibalized by ticket scalpers and fraud. They use ticket bots to buy tickets the moment they go on sale, only to resell them later at much higher prices, ultimately leading to lost revenue for organizers and performers. Even worse, some fans are denied access to events because they were sold fake or already scanned tickets.

Although this problem is at the top of everyone’s mind, this isn’t the only thing challenging the live events industry. Maintaining control and tracking of tickets from creation through event attendance. This includes the potential to unlock the secondary market through resales in advance of the event, if it becomes sold out and as collectibles post event. These are just a few topics that could come into play.

Ticketing Industry Challenges

$85.07 Billion

global ticket volume (2024)

Ticketing market opportunity


$15.2 Billion

global resale (2019)

Secondary market opportunity


£6.2 Million

lost to ticket fraud in
the UK (7/21 - 8/22)

Ticket fraud challenge

Cyber Magazine


NFT Ticket Visual

The ticket is born and ready for sale

NFT Ticket Wallet Visual

Gets purchased and goes
inside the ticket wallet

Ticketing Dashboard Visual

Gets put for resale with rules
enforced by the organiser

NFT Ticket Wallet Visual

Gets purchased again at a fair price

QR Code Visual

Gets validated at the event entry

NFT Ticket as Digital Collectible Visual

Keeps on living as a digital collectible, unlocking exclusive experiences

ComeTogether’s tickets are a non-fungible token (NFT) with embedded business logic (the organizer’s rules govern the entire ticket lifecycle). This innovative form of digital ticket is accomplished using a dynamic QR code that changes every 30 seconds, ensuring tickets are always original and valid for event entry. Additionally, facial recognition and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality can be added to provide more seamless and faster methods for ticket validation as opposed to traditional ticket scanning.

But it’s not only just about the ticket buyers’ experience. Beginning with an event organizer’s dashboard that allows the creation of tickets to be sold through the ComeTogether Ticket Marketplace (or by the event owner using white label branding) and moving from the initial ticket sales to secondary market resale. If this is allowed and if so, what are the restrictions – number of tickets and price cap – that the event organizer always controls. When it’s time for the event ComeTogether’s ticket scanner is one of the fastest available today to facilitate event attendees quickly through the entry process and keep their excitement high. Post event, the audience insight tool helps to understand who came to the event to support marketing outreach for upcoming events.

Digital Ticketing

Although ComeTogether is known for its NFT ticketing solution, first and foremost a full digital ticketing solution is provided. Every feature you would expect in a digital ticketing solution, and more, is supported.

Increase revenue with ComeTogether NFT collectibles

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue opportunities by expanding your sales channels to go beyond online ticket sales through event websites and in-person box office sales to support partners, distributors and sponsors. Sell more than just the ticket and drive additional revenue by including merchandise, vouchers for food and drinks and VIP experiences during the event.

Safe Ticketing and NFT resale with ComeTogether

Safe Resale

Safe resale of digital tickets is also a part of the solution. Ensure that event attendees have the opportunity to resell their tickets if the need arises. Attendees who purchase resold tickets can have the peace of mind that they are always valid tickets and pricing is set to stop overinflated resale rates.

ComeTogether Season Tickets

Season Ticket Sales

Season ticket support allows organizers to support all ticketing types on one platform.

ComeTogether 3D Seating App

Interactive 3D Seating

3D seating shows ticket buyers a picture of the view of the stage from every seat before purchasing a ticket. Additionally, single seats are not allowed to be left empty, helping event organizers ensure a full house.

Visual of the ComeTogether event organizer's dashboard displaying the option of allowing ticket resales with a yes and now button below. The yes button is highlighted and an arrow starts from it pointing a new box that says "set maximum resale price with the 25€ price displayed below among two square buttons, minus on the left and plus on the right"

Secondary Market Control

Controlling the ticketing secondary market has historically been a challenge for event organizers. With ComeTogether’s technology this has now become an opportunity. Today the scenario does not work in favor of the fans or the organizers. Prices can be inflated, fraudulent tickets can be sold, tickets can be resold without the organizer’s approval and they don’t receive any of the resale profits.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The organizer’s dashboard enables organizers to decide whether or not tickets can be resold and if so, what the maximum resale price is. Once a ticket has been resold, a percentage of the profits from these resales are automatically allocated back to the event organizer (only if the organizer sets the resale parameters to do so) through the ComeTogether payment process.

Additionally, the use of a ticket wallet provides the ability for ticket buyers to set their tickets for resale, following the organizer’s rules, etc. A unified primary and secondary ticket marketplace provides ticket buyers with original tickets for sale from both the primary and secondary market ensuring ticket validity and reasonable pricing.

Visual of the ComeTogether Audience Insights. A user image is displayed at the top left corner with the word "insights" next to it. Below there is a table with the main contact data of this user such as mail, ticket, number, type, resell, and share. and at the bottom an orange button that says targeted marketing.

Audience Insights

You don’t have to let the relationship with your fans end when the event is over. With ComeTogether’s audience insights tools, event organizers have the ability to really know their attendees. Information that is detailed includes: who purchased tickets, how many and what type, did they resell or share with other attendees and their contact information. This allows event organizers to plan marketing campaigns for future events, share promotions with prior attendees and create loyalty programs. The ability to know who ‘actually’ attended your event, provides a deeper understanding of your event demographics than is possible with today’s legacy ticketing systems, that only know who purchased a ticket.

Visual representing the event analytics chart of ComeTogether event organizer's dashboard.

Organizer Dashboard

The Organizer Dashboard goes a step further in enabling event organizers to control ticketing related topics from the start to the finish and beyond their event. Begin by creating your event in the dashboard and provide the branding for your tickets. Setting the parameters for pricing, secondary market resales, block ticket purchases and commission percentages. Add additional performances during the run of an event series. Monitor your ticket sales in real-time and visualize the performance in regards to revenue, ticket sales and orders, across different time intervals. Run audience insight reports during and following the event. It’s easy to use and allows for real-time editing at any time.

Organizer Benefits

Ticket scaling and fraud prevention

Ticket fraud and scalping prevention

A new form of digital tickets that cannot be faked. The event organizer determines whether or not tickets are allowed to be resold and if so the parameters around that sale.

Access secondary market revenues

Access secondary market revenues

Event organizers receive a percentage of the revenue from resold tickets

Reduce no-shows at events

Reduced no-shows

Tickets are resold. More people at the event. More on-site consumption. Assurance of maximized revenue.

Auto-matching extra supply & demand

Auto-matching extra supply & demand

Easy-to-use process reduces attendee inquiries workload about cancellations/ refunds and tickets for sold-out events.

Enhanced audience insights

Enhanced audience insights

Know who attended the event even if tickets change hands or in the case of a group purchase. Can be used for future targeted marketing.

Supercharge your tickets

Supercharge your tickets

Add more functionality and personalized experiences for fans with NFT content and utilities. 

Attendee Benefits

Fraud and scalping prevention

Fraud and scalping prevention

Fans are ensured they are buying valid tickets from both the primary and secondary ticket marketplace.

Easy-to-use secondary market resales

Easy-to-use secondary market resales

Tickets can be resold or transferred easily. No need for additional apps, one-click to set up the process with payment via your initial form of payment.

Improved attendee experience

Improved attendee experience

Valid tickets, controlled resale options, NFT add-ons – content,
utilities and more.

Personalized offers and rewards

Personalized offers and rewards

Get rewarded for increased attendance and overall engagement with your favorite events, sports club, artists. Be a part of their communities.


Picture of ANASTASIOS DIOLATZIS Music Director of NON & Reworks Festival

Music Director of NON
and the Reworks Festival

The 19th edition of the Reworks festival is returning to Thessaloniki and it was time to take control of our ticketing needs. We wanted to be able to offer tickets directly from our website without building expensive infrastructure to do so. ComeTogether had the answer with its white-label solution designed specifically for festivals. We were able to implement the ability to sell NFT tickets directly from our site as simply as embedding a code. This is the answer for festivals to regain control of ticket sales.

NON and Reworks Festival Logos
Picture of K. Verros Event Promoter of Wang's Tour

Event Promoter
of Wang's Tour

ComeTogether was there when we needed them. This could have been a bad situation for our fans. Their seamless approach to secondary market control has ensured a fair and secure process for fans to resell their tickets. It was a relief that the overall event experience for our audience was great.