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Lazaros Penteridis


Lazaros always had an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for cutting edge technology. After obtaining his MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he started his career in Ortelio, a cloud robotics start up. He worked there for 3 years as an AI and Robotics software engineer, during which he helped develop NOOS cloud platform, used by clients such as Ericsson. He realised soon that the start up world was his natural habitat, being at the forefront of building cool things, decision making and strategic thinking. He fell down the crypto rabbit hole in the beginning of 2017, seeing the potential for wide beneficial disruption and soon moved on to try to bring this beneficial disruption, to a human need that he deeply cares for and is intrigued by, that of Coming Together with others.

Stavros Antoniadis

Co-Founder/Blockchain engineer

Stavros is a software engineer, passionate about cutting-edge technologies. With hardcore smart contract development skills and a cryptoeconomic thinking process, he is trying to make a positive impact on this world through blockchain technology. He lives for constantly broadening his knowledge in every aspect of his interests. Formerly, he worked as a mobile developer and test automation engineer at Schoox Inc. He is in his final year in his pursue of an MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Moreover, Stavros is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, having 3 years of cryptocurrency trading experience.

Nikos Chatzivasileiadis

Co-Founder/Full stack engineer

Nikos is a software engineer with a wide range of software skills. He is passionate about coding, blockchain and making things happen. When it comes to the react, redux, eosjs, demux, mongodb stack, the speed with which he writes quality code, gives you the impression that he is chatting on a messenger app. Formerly, he worked in a six-month web developer intern position at Veltio Greece Ltd. He is in his final year in his pursue of an MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Nikos got acquainted with Blockchain and Crypto in the beginning of 2017 and was amazed by this new world and its potential.

Stathis Mitskas

Co-Founder/Full stack engineer

Stathis is a person with passion for coding, blockchain and investments. He has graduated from the University of Bristol where he finished his last (third) master in Computer Science. Within the scope of his academic studies, he has also excelled in other fields such as Finance and Banking. He was rewarded the best paper reward on the the 1st Workshop on Blockchain-enabled Networked Sensor Systems (BlockSys 2018), the paper’s title is: “Distributed Ledger Technology and the IoT: a feasibility study”. Stathis was exposed to the blockchain experience two years ago and since then along with his coding skills, he has been trying to make an impact to society and reassure people ComeTogether in a trust-less way.

Sofija Hristova

Head of creative marketing

Sofija is an entrepreneur with a creative spirit, love for marketing and passion for design. She holds a BSc in Business Administration and Organizational Sciences, an MA in Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising and is currently finishing an MSc in Psychology. Having worked for Hristovi Engineering as a marketing consultant and a graphic designer, she went on to take a role as a co-owner at Hristovi Engineering and Consulting and founded Origami, a marketing consulting business where she serves as CEO. Sofija has extensive educational experiences having attended academies for 3D design, Adobe and Project Management and is an active member of CEED Bronze Club for Entrepreneurs.

Athan & Johnny Nedev

Heads of Growth

Johnny and Athan are growth-minded serial entrepreneur brothers. They are Co-Founders of Blitz, a Digital Marketing and e-commerce agency, that sells products in over 30 countries with annual turnover in the 7 figures. Moreover they are Co-Founders of, an app connecting players for amateur soccer matches, with more than 2000 users and 15 sports venues just 4 months out in the Greek market. Formerly, they were founding members of Synthetic, an electronic music party organiser and artist, with 4 years on the market and 45 events, 50 international guests, 15 venues. They both studied Digital Marketing in the University of Sheffield, while Johnny also holds a BSc in Mathematics from University of Ioannina. Their aforementioned diverse experiences in the sports and music events industries, provided them deep insights on the business and marketing of a participatory event management app, as well as the point of view of the customer (organiser and service provider). When they got introduced to ComeTogether, it was love at first sight, as they saw an opportunity to combine their passions and experiences, to contribute towards bringing to life the next generation of community driven events.

Ilias Trochidis

Business development

Senior researcher with more than 12 years experience in managing and running Research and Innovation projects. Participated in more than 10 EU funded projects (FP6, FP7, H2020) in various application areas. Main responsibilities include the successful delivery of online applications, the development of sustainable business models and the management of a multidisciplinary team. Always looking for something new.

Panagiotis Chatzikamaris

Full stack developer

Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer and Digital Marketer with a 12-year passion for web that just works. Panos sees web development as a jigsaw puzzle where all components of the application must fit perfectly in order to deliver quality products. When not tinkering with an open source project, Panos plays with his Cryptos!

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