Thanasis Ntatis, ComeTogether, Full Stack Developer

Thanasis Ntatis

Full Stack Developer
Foivos Pelopidas, ComeTogether, Full Stack Developer

Foivos Pelopidas

Full Stack Developer

Nikos Chatzivasileiadis

Co-Founder/ Technical Advisor
Stavros Antoniadis, ComeTogether, Co-Founder/ COO/ Head of blockchain

Stavros Antoniadis

Co-Founder/ COO/ Head of blockchain
Stathis Mitskas, ComeTogether, Co-Founder/CPO (Partnerships)

Stathis Mitskas

Co-Founder/CPO (Partnerships)
Lazaros Penteridis, ComeTogether, Co-founder/CEO

Lazaros Penteridis


Athan & Johnny Nedev

Growth advisors