ComeTogether in Wired Middle East

Sports tech initially drew criticism for breaking football’s first commandment, Thou Shalt Not Change Anything Ever. But demand for the tech has boomed during the pandemic—and Qatar SportsTech thinks it won’t fade anytime soon.


For many fans, sport is sacred. But after Covid changed everything, one startup initiative is proving how technology can restore its glory.

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ComeTogether is “in the Game”

Stathis Mitskas, ComeTogether Head of Product, discusses the company’s journey to date, the importance of blockchain to their solutions.

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ComeTogether goes to Qatar!

ComeTogether was selected by Qatar SportsTech accelerator to provide innovative solutions for major international sports event.

The wait is finally over! After our highly anticipated Selection Day, we are excited to present to you the  #sportstech  #startups  and  #innovators who will join the fourth cohort of our #Accelerator Program. Congratulations on wowing our jury members. Another huge thank you to our founding partner, QDB, and our strategic partners, without whom this event wouldn’t be possible.



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