ComeTogether case study: The Path to Positive Secondary Market Experiences

Wang was touring Greece for a series of performances organized by 5ive Star Events. Wang belongs to the youngest generation of Greek rappers who bring the newest Thessaloniki rap wave to the spotlight. Becoming known by his initial records Wonderkid, Criminal, and Takeshi in 2020, Wang quickly stood out in producer’s Dof YouTube-music sessions, followed by numerous collaborations.

With the entire tour being sold out, there was a concern about the potential influx of fraudulent tickets in the market. To verify the authenticity of resold tickets, 5ive Star Events, the event organizers for these sold-out events, sought assistance from ComeTogether. Fans had been directly contacting them to inquire about reselling their tickets or finding available tickets on the secondary market.

Concurrently, some fans no longer wanted their tickets for various reasons, and an automated solution was needed to match this extra supply with demand. Prior to implementing this solution, these fans had been messaging the organizers and posting on social media about their desire to buy or sell tickets, creating additional work and a lot of unnecessary noise. The main goal was to ensure fans were not left in a situation where they not only couldn’t attend an event they were excited about, but also lost money.

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