ComeTogether launches UniqTogether

March 24, 2022 cometogether

UniqTogether is a portfolio of NFT solutions to support live event revenue streams post event while building ongoing fan engagement

ComeTogether announced today a new addition to its family of apps – UniqTogether NFT Collectibles. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) enable event organizers to develop new revenue streams, increase fan engagement and create an ongoing royalty revenue stream long after the event has taken place. Live events of any kind can benefit from NFT solutions – from music and sports to business and culture.

What is an NFT? An NFT provides digital ownership of assets. Created through blockchain, they are similar to a cryptocurrency. For collectors, an NFT is a digital representation of collectibles that entails uniqueness or digital scarcity. A football trading card is a great example to consider. The owner of the NFT would not possess the physical card. Their token represents their ownership (or partial ownership) of the item and entitles them to sell and profit from this card.

The new portfolio includes collectibles, event memories and fan clubs all as NFTs. Fan clubs can be developed for artists or sports properties to engage more closely with their fans or event organizers to provide added to value to their attendees. The utility of fan club NFTs can include blockchain ticketing, specialized pricing, membership perks and exclusive content. Learn more about our NFT portfolio here.

“Fan club NFTs are the next step in closer engagement to fans for all live events, rewarding their loyalty to favorite performing artists and sports players,” said Lazaros Penteridis, CEO, ComeTogether.

ComeTogether realizes that not everyone is a crypto-native, so we make it easy for everyone to buy/sell through our NFT marketplace. In addition to being able to trade in cryptocurrency (ETH), we also support fiat (Euro, USD, etc) currencies. In addition, we do not charge any Ethereum (gas) fees when issuing, redeeming and exchanging NFTs.

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