Newsletter: Customer data is King (or Queen)

The power of knowing your customer well can never be underestimated. Or in the case of a live event, more specifically your attendees. Building future marketing programs based on the analysis of today’s buyers will help event organizers to provide a solution better aligned with their attendees and their buying personas.

Of course, the solution being provided is a live event. But this is only the simple starting point to craft something aligned with your attendees’ desired overall experience and purchasing patterns. Let’s consider how this could work with advanced digital or NFT ticketing solutions?


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ComeTogether Audience Insights in IQ Magazine

ComeTogether is thrilled to be included in the latest issue of IQ Magazine. Audience insights are important on many levels – not only to help develop targeted marketing strategies for future events, but also to know who specifically attended the current event if needed for today’s health concerns.

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