ComeTogether in IQ Magazine yearly ticketing report

IQ Magazine has released their 2023 ticketing report and ComeTogether is featured!

The yearly publication highlights different ticketing activities by country and ComeTogether was featured in the discussion about Greece. Stathis Mitskas, CPO/Co-Founder shared “ComeTogether’s core solution focuses on NFT ticketing, protection from fraudulent tickets, and the management of secondary market pricing. During the last year, NFT ticketing has progressively gained market share in the region and is now expanding to include NFT collectibles with utility.”

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NFTs with utilities – more than a ticket?

ComeTogether is in IQ Magazine highlighting the opportunities for NFTs with utilities. They’re more than just a ticket!

We discuss how to engage fans, reward loyalty, build your brand and increase revenue. Something every event organizer, artist and record label would surely like to do. And let’s not forget the attendees. The new functionality of NFTs with utilities opens the door for an enhanced event going experience.

The world of ticketing has moved at a fast pace. We’ve gone from paper tickets to basic digital tickets to blockchain tickets with dynamic QR codes that ensure validity and protect from ticket scams and scalpers.

At the simplest level, NFT tickets can be retained as a collectible, but that’s only the beginning. Read the full article and watch the video to learn about the benefits of NFTs with utilities for everyone involved in live music events.

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ComeTogether in IQ Magazine yearly ticketing report

IQ Magazine has released their year ticketing report and ComeTogether is featured!

As events become more ‘digitally savvy’ the experience changes for the fans. Some good and some maybe not so good. If you’re a fan who has historically saved physical memories from an event, you might be left wanting without paper tickets and entry lanyards. NFTs are a way to make memories beyond the event.

“Performing artists and promoters are looking for ways to increase fan engagement, reward loyal fans and to monetise their audience,” says co-founder/chief revenue officer Stathis Mitskas. “NFTs provide solutions to these challenges.”

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ComeTogether Audience Insights in IQ Magazine

ComeTogether is thrilled to be included in the latest issue of IQ Magazine. Audience insights are important on many levels – not only to help develop targeted marketing strategies for future events, but also to know who specifically attended the current event if needed for today’s health concerns.

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