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ComeTogether is thrilled to be covered in Forbes following our discussion with about our solution. Having sold more than 300,000 tickets for more than 1,000 events we continue to expand our focus beyond music and music festivals to sports events and other geographies, with the UAE as our next step.

Helping event organizers stop ticket fraud and scalping, while unlocking new secondary market revenue is at the core of our solution. Additionally, we help them boost their revenue, fan engagement and organic marketing, through NFT collectibles in conjunction with sponsors, as well as cross-selling of physical and digital experiences and products.

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ComeTogether addresses today’s live event challenges across industry verticals

ComeTogether has been historically known for its work in the music live events industry – from festivals to concerts to NFT collectibles developed with artists. The company has now moved beyond music into other industries – sports, performing arts, business conferences, museums and art galleries.


The basic portfolio of ComeTogether functionality can be applied to all markets, although the specific combination of solutions could vary across the different industry verticals. Let’s consider how market specific applications would be tailored to the organizers/attendees of these events in support of current industry challenges.

Sports: Ticket fraud and scalping are a growing challenge for sports events. Who can forget the UEFA and the French football federation fiasco in 2022 where there were an estimated 2,800 fake tickets. Unfortunately, this continues to become a more prevalent challenge across popular sports matches globally. Another topic is the management of season tickets to ensure that tickets have the opportunity to be used if the holder can’t attend, so the stadium isn’t filled with empty seats. Blockchain is a perfect solution.

Performing arts: The performing arts are also plagued by the challenges of ticket resale fraud, exorbitant pricing and season ticket attendance. NYTix recently published an article discussing the ticket fraud and resale challenges existing on Broadway. Digital ticketing based on a Blockchain infrastructure will go a long way to help ensure that ticket resale is managed in a legitimate way. In the resale scenario many tickets are resold with inaccurate seating location descriptions. 3D seating provided by ComeTogether ensures an accurate depiction of where the seat is located before a purchase takes place.

Business conferences: Business conferences may not suffer from ticket fraud and resale challenges, but they have their set of topics that need to be addressed. One is proof of attendance. As business professionals attend different conferences it can be important for them to prove their attendance as a confirmation of training. 

NFTs are also a great way to share content from business conferences. With NFT-gated content it’s easy to control who is allowed access to what contact without having to distribute cumbersome logins that users can ultimately misplace. 

Museums and art galleries: Museums (and Art Galleries) also fall prey to ticket resale fraud in some of the larger hard to gain entry ticket museums. With any resale sites that provide tickets from many different venues the buyer must beware if these are legitimate resales and if the pricing is not over-inflated.

Enabling ticket sale and resale directly from a museum’s website protects against ticket fraud and enables the museum to control the resale pricing levels. ComeTogether offers white label solutions that enable tickets to be sold and resold directly from the website of the museum or art gallery with their own branding.Digital collectibles are a way to provide a treasured memory after attending one of these venues. As we’ve moved to a more digital world the opportunity to have physical keepsakes has declined in some instances. Digital keepsakes – collectibles – provide the opportunity to continue to offer attendees something to ‘take home’ from their visit.


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ComeTogether in IQ Magazine yearly ticketing report

IQ Magazine has released their 2023 ticketing report and ComeTogether is featured!

The yearly publication highlights different ticketing activities by country and ComeTogether was featured in the discussion about Greece. Stathis Mitskas, CPO/Co-Founder shared “ComeTogether’s core solution focuses on NFT ticketing, protection from fraudulent tickets, and the management of secondary market pricing. During the last year, NFT ticketing has progressively gained market share in the region and is now expanding to include NFT collectibles with utility.”

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ComeTogether case study: White label ticketing keeps your brand in the spotlight

Reworks wanted the ability to sell tickets to their festival directly from their website. In order to do this they needed to find a ticketing solution that could not only help them to accomplish this from a technology perspective, but also from a brand positioning perspective.

When considering a white label solution it was important to find a partner that would do all of the heavy lifting for them. Provide the technical solution and industry expertise to develop an outcome that was easy for them to implement and still kept their brand in the spotlight.

The main priorities for a different approach to ticket sales needed to address the following:

  • Keep their brand in the forefront, they have high brand recognition and need to be found easily when fans search for their festival online.
  • Make ticket sales directly from their website.
  • Determine what event details they share with fans about the event they will attend.
  • Position other events to potential buyers to upsell to multiple purchases.
  • Easy to implement, no need for development resources.

Download the case study to read the whole story!

Reworks Case Study (English) Download


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Newsletter: Ticket fraud and scalping is ruining events

Maybe this is an overstatement, but ticket fraud is certainly causing havoc in the live events industry. With overinflated pricing and fraudulent tickets making secondary market purchases a landmine of potential bad outcomes, fans are getting scammed and event organizers are left trying to pick up the pieces on something that is out of their control. Or is it?

How big is this problem?


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Newsletter: NFTs with utilities – why should you care?

ComeTogether announces the first edition of the Let’s ComeTogether newsletter to address topical issues related to all things NFT ticketing! We begin with an overview of NFTs with utilities and why they matter.


Let’s start with the basics, so we’re all on the same page. What ‘are’ NFTs with utilities? At the simplest level, holding an NFT with utility allows you to do something you wouldn’t be able to do without being a holder of that NFT.


And just in case you’re new to this topic, an NFT is a non-fungible token or digital ownership of assets. Created through the blockchain, they are similar to a cryptocurrency, but are a digital representation of one-of-a-kind assets that entail uniqueness or scarcity, such as a collectible, a ticket, a song etc.

Now back to the topic of NFTs with utilities…


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NFTs with utilities – more than a ticket?

ComeTogether is in IQ Magazine highlighting the opportunities for NFTs with utilities. They’re more than just a ticket!

We discuss how to engage fans, reward loyalty, build your brand and increase revenue. Something every event organizer, artist and record label would surely like to do. And let’s not forget the attendees. The new functionality of NFTs with utilities opens the door for an enhanced event going experience.

The world of ticketing has moved at a fast pace. We’ve gone from paper tickets to basic digital tickets to blockchain tickets with dynamic QR codes that ensure validity and protect from ticket scams and scalpers.

At the simplest level, NFT tickets can be retained as a collectible, but that’s only the beginning. Read the full article and watch the video to learn about the benefits of NFTs with utilities for everyone involved in live music events.

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ComeTogether in IQ Magazine yearly ticketing report

IQ Magazine has released their year ticketing report and ComeTogether is featured!

As events become more ‘digitally savvy’ the experience changes for the fans. Some good and some maybe not so good. If you’re a fan who has historically saved physical memories from an event, you might be left wanting without paper tickets and entry lanyards. NFTs are a way to make memories beyond the event.

“Performing artists and promoters are looking for ways to increase fan engagement, reward loyal fans and to monetise their audience,” says co-founder/chief revenue officer Stathis Mitskas. “NFTs provide solutions to these challenges.”

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